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Spring Kids Camp

The ultimate Ignite-acy experience!
ages 6-12
session I: MARCH 10,2020
Coding, visual arts, math
session II: MARCH 12,2020

the science of climates & the moon



Session I & II $40

(%20 discount)

tuesday MARCH 10, 2020

session 1- 1:00am-3:30pm

Coding, visual arts, math 

At Ignite we want to offer kids a unique opportunity to blend art,

coding, and yoga in an engaging and fun atmosphere. One might wonder 

what coding has to do with yoga? By introducing the groundwork of
coding to kids at an early age, they will begin to see that coding is
actually a creative process and can be associated to just about
everything we do, even in yoga! There are sequences to flows, we loop
through sequences, and we create space to allow our inner creativity
to reach its fullest potential.  You will also learn the basics of coding language.


This session will lay the foundation for integrating art, coding, and yoga through a variety of activities.

Activities include:

  • Mindfulness drawing--utilizing the color spot series, kids will become oriented with primary colors and their correlation to basic human emotions.

  • Yoga triangle game

  • Triangle tessellations art project

  • Kindness Snippet Jar


thursday MARCH 12, 2020

session 2- 1:00pm-3:30pm

the science of climates & the moon

Kids will practice yoga related to different geographical areas and climates using a yoga story.  They will learn about the full moon and how it affects the regions.  They will collectively create a Science Fiction Story using their imaginations and what they have learned about the climates of different geographical areas; receive instruction from an artist on how to animate their drawings to go with the story!

Academic Learning areas:  Environmental/Natural Science, Geography, Language and Writing, Art, and Animation

Physical Learning areas:  Yoga movements that mimic each geographical area and breathing techniques

Dr.julian Wyatt 

Our award winning program focuses on the whole child: health, mindfulness, academia, and more. All of our instructors are advanced certified and experts in their field. We partner with USO and have been recognized by ADL. 

Ignite integrates S.T.E.M., humanities, and the arts with mindfulness concepts to unleash the talents within children. Our programs strengthen individuality while maximizing their opportunity to learn and fuse gifts into the community. 
Holistic real world experiences create ambitious learning environments which attribute to meeting the most comprehensive standards of AZ and CA school systems.  These environments inspire children to reach their potential while still developing their inner calm.

·      Develop the whole child
·      Empower children to interact both within their community and  globally
·      Develop young leaders with mindful approaches to accomplish their goals and implement techniques so they can be stress free in the future
featured on 3tv/cbs5 news
We also partner with No Bullying Campaign with the ADL - No Place for Hate. We have been confirmed as a No Place for Hate certified studio. We will be using the Mindup curriculum created by Goldie Hawn and we are partnering with local entities. Our hope is to create a nurturing environment for children to learn yoga techniques both on and off the mat. We will also be establishing a club at each school that will meet monthly in conjunction with the weekly after school yoga classes. 

kid tested& approved

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