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Words from our YOGIS

Susan, Ignite YTT Alumnus

I am very pleased with the yoga teacher training I received at Ignite Yoga Studio. The instructors have diverse and in-depth backgrounds in the particular subjects taught. The curriculum was interesting and challenging, and we left well prepared for the real-world experience of teaching. Eva and her staff did everything possible to bring us a high quality, comprehensive training program, We truly learned from the best in the industry. I would highly recommend Ignite's YTT program to all aspiring yoga teachers in Phoenix's West Valley.


Zade, Ignite YTT Alumnus

Ignite’s 300-hr YTT turned out to be a lot more fulfilling than I could have imagined. I was challenged, supported, mentored and received invaluable tools that not only strengthened my practice but helped me grow personally in ways unanticipated. As with all programs that one can pursue for personal or professional growth, you get out of it what you put into it. What makes Ignite program unique is the mentorship aspect in addition to the class-time commitment. I found the time with my mentor throughout the program invaluable. I received constant feedback and encouragement to push open doors I never thought possible. By continuing to stay open to possibilities throughout my program at Ignite, I was afforded the opportunity to begin sharing the gift of yoga to kids in school. This led to developing my final project within my denomination’s regional church camp. I truly enjoyed having the liberty to integrate yoga’s very spiritual aspects into a curriculum that was appropriate for grades 3rd - 8th for a weeklong endeavor through the summer. My final project turned out to be life changing and spiritually transforming!

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Stephen, Ignite YTT Alumnus

Ignite yoga 200-hour training is a huge time, emotional, and learning commitment ! Having said that the superior balanced training by multiple licensed experienced teachers in numerous yoga techniques of Yoga was worth it. I have been doing yoga for 15 plus years. During my yoga practice I have had many instructors lead my yoga classes. I felt like I had reached a level of comfort in my yoga practice that was no longer fulfilling to me. I signed up for the teacher training with a desire to deepen my yoga knowledge and practice. Teaching yoga was not part of my reason for taking the 200-hour teacher training. I am now a proud Yoga teacher. I have taken my understanding of Yoga off my matt into the world. It has enhanced my life in more ways than I am able to state. Are you interested in being a better person and living a fulfilling better life? Take a chance.

Jennifer, Ignite YTT Alumnus

...I have worked with an amazing Yoga teacher/mentor Donna Schoor who I spoke in depth with about taking myself into a deeper place teaching Yoga, learning to enhance my life and others through the practice of Yoga.

She referred me to Ignite Yoga studio in Goodyear Az. And SO, let the journey begin... Doing my 200 hour plus other training has made me grow as a teacher, mentor and a better student, and teacher.
The amazing mentors had so much passion for guiding us students to a better version of “US” than when we started. I'm absolutely grateful with love and high regard to this 200 hour plus 300 hour in the future to continue to make a difference to others. This training has made my anxieties and fears lesson tremendously.

Samantha, Ignite Yogi

Eva was an amazing teacher. She had a great flow that was open to all levels in the room. Great tone of voice and adjustments! I would definitely recommend this cute & welcoming studio!

I just wanted to tell you thank you for today's practice. Something started the day off in a negative way and it could have been one of those things that would have ruined my day, maybe week and I made myself get to class to power through what was going on and it helped tremendously. So, today was a reminder, that I am forever grateful for Ignite and the people that have come through those doors. At some capacity, everything is always better after I leave that place. 

Tim O'Buckley, Ignite Yogi

Jennifer, Ignite YTT Alumnus & Current Teacher

...I found the [200hr] teacher training program to be such a valuable experience that I decided to continue my education with them. I also received certificates in Yoga Nidra, Reiki, Kids Teacher Training and also went back for my 300 hr advanced teacher training certification.

The 300 hr in-depth program helped me to both deepen my knowledge and practice. That combined with the mentorship program, gave me the confidence to think outside the box. The 200 hr shows you the rules, and the 300 hr shows you how to safely break them.

Ignite has been such a huge factor in my growth both personally and professionally!

Mishara, Ignite YTT Alumnus & Current Teacher

...The program brings in specialists from a variety of fields which gave me a practical, hands on understanding of how the body works and why it is important to incorporate this information into your practice. Yes, it is anatomy packed, but I-- as a very right-brained person-- actually understood the content the first time around. I also worked one on one with Eva during the mentorship program learning physical adjustments, training my eye to be able to see the differences of the same posture for different bodies.

I can now confidently say that I have the ability to sequence very effective, safe classes and am able to do so for a variety of abilities, and most importantly, bodies. Not only have I become a stronger teacher, but I have drastically changed yoga for myself. My understanding of how the body can and should move into ease has cultivated a practice of deeply mindful action. I cannot express my gratitude for this program enough.

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