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We are so much more than a yoga studio. At Ignite Yoga, we believe that creating a healthy body, mind and spiritual practice is a lifestyle, and we’ve created a community to help you ignite your highest self.

Ignite is pioneering the way in bringing yoga and mindfulness to all levels of society. Whether you're an athlete wanting to optimize your performance, a senior looking to improve posture and flexibility or a child exploring the benefits of mindfulness, our services are tailor-made for your individual needs.


Yoga means yoking and we unify life with balancing holistic approaches. You or your business may be faced with shifting priorities in a completely new way, but our goal is to be your one stop to solve life’s daily stressors. 


At Fire Sky, we believe yoga and providing organic mental health initiatives will empower everyone to live their most extraordinary life.

Choose the crafted spark that fits you!


  • Tools on how to holistically restructure and develop financial and business chi 

  • Become your own wellness guru

  • Tools to refine and develop strong families

  • Develop a daily practice and community that fits you

  • Tools to empower the mind for high stress work places-military, hospitals, school teachers

  • How to meet the basics


Search our free blogs and podcasts for tools. Want to dive deeper, join our private FB page


We work to provide legendary service, share the highest quality wellness experience with love, compassion, humor, inspiration and respect.

  • INTEGRITY / we walk the talk and strive to apply our spiritual practice into all areas of our lives.

  • EVOLUTION / we are committed to evolving as people, continuously growing and learning as well as evolving the global practice of yoga.

  • SHARE / we love to share, support and celebrate each other in our unique journey and in this beautiful life together.