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Title 1 school mindfulness teaching opportunity


To learn more about Ignite Yoga Foundation's mission, vision, and other opportunities, click here.


Ignite Yoga Foundation is excited to offer students attending Title-I schools in Maricopa County AZ, the opportunity to provide a 16-week, Spark Adventurer After School Program for free. 


Schools and parents take comfort in Ignite’s trusted reputation to ensure their children engage in STEAM activities to develop critical thinking, self-esteem, higher grades, leadership skills, health & fitness, and more. We have award-winning programs with advanced yoga certified teachers. Many of our teachers also have experience within the school system.  We partner with school districts and training programs that encompass the “whole child”. 

If you have interest in providing services or a mindfulness program to our after-school programs, please note you must first complete the service provider link. All teachers that work in the classroom are required to have an Identity Verified Prints (IVP) fingerprint clearance card per Arizona Revised Statue 15-106.  Also, a background check and proof of certification may be required. Click and complete the service provider link here before completing this application:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q.     When are the Classes? 

A.    One-hour classes are offered once a week after school.  

Usually, classes are anywhere between the hours of 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm. You may determine the date you would like classes to begin and end.  There are 16 classes per school calendar year.


Q. Does the instructor have to prep or develop the class?

A.     No, you will be provided with a curriculum you can follow or adjust accordingly.  Depending on the grade(s) you are teaching we may even have some curriculums to choose from.


Q. How do I obtain the supplies for the program?

A.     We have plastic "community bins" which have basic supplies to use and can be replenished with a supplies stipend provided at your discretion.


Q. What if I need outside support with classroom management or setting up my own yoga business?

A.    Ignite Yoga Foundation provides a two-hour long online instructional information session with specifics on how to get started with your school.  Some information you can expect includes:
•    Necessary documents for schools to enroll students.
•    Classroom communication/management strategies.
•    Sample in-use facilities documents to book teaching dates with your school.
•    How to connect with students.
•    How to connect with school administration.
•    Pre-made flyers to provide to schools.
•    School teaching curriculums and more.
•    Role Sheets

We also provide periodic live FAQ sessions.  If you need support sooner, you are welcome to email to ask questions.


Q. How do I gain access to online instructional training?

A.    When filling out the application link below, please go to additional requests and type in request online training.  If you are selected, you will receive a login and password in your congratulatory confirmation email.  If you are a service provider and your program is approved by the board, you do not need to take the instructional training and are free to utilize your approved curriculum.


Q. How will I know what school I am teaching for as well as assigned days and times?

A.     If selected, your confirmation email will list the school you have been matched to. The in-use facilities portion of the video will instruct you on how to secure your dates and times.

Once you have been provided your schools of interest: (This usually occurs Late July - August)

● Contact the Office Secretary/Principal regarding the wellness services you’d like to offer. (Could be After School Program, (ASP), or for special school events, etc.)

● Best Practices are to provide a written proposal in order to introduce yourself and that explains details and benefits about the free-to-school/students program that you would like to offer.

● Discuss with the school contact on how you will populate your ASP or event program. (The school may be able to provide student lists, etc., or you’ll have the opportunity to provide a program flier for dissemination)

● Once details have been set up with your school contact, there may be a need for you to file an in-use facilities agreement that is used to schedule a particular room for use for the ASP you are providing. (Schools may have different requirements-the school contact can let you know). This will probably not apply if you are providing services during school hours


Q. What is the pay?

A.    As an independent contractor, $1,100 per 16 weeks.  $250 disbursements are sent every 4-weeks that are completed with 20 or more attending students.  This equates to $62.50 per class.


Q. How will you be paid?

A.     We provide payment via Zelle or check.  If approved, you will be provided with a W-9 as an independent contractor and a request for banking information.  The first disbursement is made within the week before classes and after all necessary payment information has been submitted. Subsequent payments are made 2 weeks after email has been sent to with yourself and the principal (see specifics in the PAYMENT section of the online training video).


Q. Will you receive payment for supplies?
A.     In addition to basic community supply bins provided, the following two $50 payments are provided
•    1st payment is the week before 1st classes begin. 
•    2nd payment is the week before the 8th week begins.


Q. What are the requirements to be eligible for this grant? 
•    Elementary education teaching certificate, school request, currently provide services at a school or Yoga teacher certificate through Yoga Alliance certified school.
•    Certification/background checked (NOTE:  All AZ school staff/teachers already have clearance)

  • Ensure to have all certifications upon completion of this application.

•    General liability insurance.  Simple approach in training video.  Supply funds can also be utilized for this fee at your discretion.


Apply Now for Mindfulness teaching opportunity at your title 1 school!

To apply, please take the time to fill out the information below. PLEASE LIST N/A IF REQUIRED SECTION DOES NOT APPLY.

Please note, you will receive an email regarding the application details no later than 30 days before program start date. 

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