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These two day summits encourage teens to utilize their strengths in designing methods to fight current social blights such as sex trafficking and teen homelessness. 


Day 1 begins the morning with an organic meal and gem water, followed by listening to panel interviews and Q&A's for teens to gain knowledge and develop genuine understanding of the issues being faced and how they can help now!  


Before lunch, they will conclude with a brain storming session on a project.  The second half of the day, students will divide into break out sessions where teens will work with different panelists to complete their sections of the project.


Day 2 begins with morning yoga and an organic meal, then panelist situations for teens to grasp the mental issues the demographics they serve deal with.  The second half of the day is utilized to complete projects.  Students will then present their individual sections of the projects.  There will be an opportunity for teens to submit their projects for awards. 

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