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SCOOT PAGE - Astanga / Heated Flow | Ignite Yoga Studios



astanga/heated flow

Scott Page is one of Arizona’s most esteemed yogis with considerable teaching experience. His background in diverse martial arts styles and years of yoga practice give him a unique perspective on the mind-body connection. Scott has been a full-time yoga instructor for six years. He is dedicated to helping his students develop strong cores, superior balance, increased flexibility, and calm minds.

Scott is able to communicate proper body position through eloquent description. Yet while most teachers verbally direct students through a class, Scott actually leads by example. This way he can gauge the best speed and intensity of poses, encouraging students without overwhelming them. He also assists students toward improved form and flexibility using hands-on adjustments.

Scott’s teaching style is influenced by his previous job as a weapons and tactics instructor while serving the rank of Sergeant in the United States Marine Corp. The sequencing of poses that Scott employs is challenging and innovative and he is sought by yogis who want to reach the next level of their practice. However, Scott is equally good at working with beginners. He has a wonderful ability to evaluate the individual needs of each student and guide them with strength and encouragement. His balanced yin-yang approach has been affectionately coined “militant zen” by some of his students.

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