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Stretchy malas to be worn on the wrist made with semi-prescious, natural gemstones. 


Mishara Cruz is a yoga instructor, art teacher, photographer and nature enthusiast. Born and raised in Flagstaff, Arizona, she has spent her entire life pursuing her love of the wilderness and its natural beauty. She has put the same passion into creating these Natural Stone Wrist Malas which are selected from a variety of stones that harmonize with nature's energy flow. Each strand is designed in the style of a mala, which is a symbol of the inner peace and clarity that one finds during meditation. Unifying dynamic beauty and function, they can be worn while practicing asana. Following in the Native American tradition where intentional space in craftsmanship (a signature stone, unlike the rest) allows a channel for energy to flow, each design breathes. Each malas individual signature stone embodies the strength in our individuality, and our connection to all things around us.

Natural Stone Wrist Malas

SKU: 8359758007
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