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Ignite Yoga Foundation's After School Curriculum Review

Thank you for participating in Ignite Yoga Foundation's cohort to review your chosen curriculum.  See below for our mission, vision, purpose, and instructions.


Ignite Yoga Foundation's Mission and Vision

  • Please click here to access our mission, vision, programs, and other opportunities.


Curriculum Review Purpose and Instructions

  • Refer to the curriculum you chose to review.  Next, fill out the review question link listed below to provide feedback, comments, and updates.  Your comments will be combined with other reviewers to update the Sparks after-school programs provided for instructor use in the spirit of continuous improvement.


Target Completion Date

  • Please provide comments no later than 4/1/2024.

After School
Curriculum Review Feedback

Please take the time to provide your feedback below.
Thank you!

40 Assets - Quantitative

40 Assets - Qualitative


Thank you for your feedback. Please click the "Submit" button to send.

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