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after school program

Ignite Yoga Foundation is excited to offer students attending Title-I schools a full year (4 sessions) of the Spark Adventurer After School Program. Each session consists of 4-weeks. 

Schools and parents can take comfort in Ignite’s trusted name to ensure their children engage in STEAM activities to develop critical thinking, self-esteem, higher grades, leadership skills, health & fitness, and more. We have award winning programs with advanced certified teachers. We partner with school districts and training programs that encompass the “whole child”.


When are Classes? 

One hour classes are offered once a week. We will work with your school’s schedule to determine the best available time for your campus’ needs.


FALL SESSION I: Becoming a Superhero

FALL SESSION I: Becoming a Superhero 

Welcome to the world of Fire Sky where Spark Adventurers blaze the trails in a whole new world of mystery, discovery, and community building! 

asp session themes
FALL SESSION II: Overcoming Mythical Monsters 

FALL SESSION II: Overcoming Mythical Monsters 

Use your superhero powers to overcome dangerous mythical creatures who may lurk in the dark. You will develop your ninja skills to study these monsters, defeat, and even train them. Yep, you heard that right, our highly skilled headmasters even have tricks on how to train a monster! 

Isaiah Dragon.jpeg

spring session iii:
potions and spells

SPRING SESSION III: Potions and Spells

Use your magical powers to concoct potions and spells to help the knights of Firesky defeat the evil Dr. Monkeybrain! Students will learn mantras of peace and love in order to be able to stop him from turning their brain into bananas!


spring session iv:
becoming a fantastical

SPRING SESSION IV: Becoming a Fantastical Creature

Knights of Firesky will combine all the powers they have learned this year to develop and train their very own alebrije! This amazing creature will encompass all the good and strength inside each student! Then, we use all our super powers to defeat the evil Dr Monkey Brain and save the earth! 

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