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All Levels/ Vinyasa 

Ashley’s yoga journey started in 2013 when she was forced to tag along with her sister to a power yoga class. Somewhere during that brutal hour of pouring sweat and struggling for breath, she fell in love. She immediately started practicing everyday and began to crave the calming effect it had on her mind.  She loved the breath work and how amazing she felt physically and mentally after she left the mat.  

In 2017, Ashley decided to step outside of her comfort zone and signed up for YTT.  She was inspired to further her own practice, and had no intention of teaching when she completed the program.  However, many of her teachers had a different plan in mind. Thankfully, some of her YTT instructors persuaded her to consider the idea of teaching. The seed had been planted and shortly after completing her 200 hour certification, she started teaching her own classes and subbing every week.  It didn’t take long for her to figure out that she loved sharing yoga with others and helping them find their own love of yoga.  Teaching others has become her passion and truly makes her happy.  

For the last three years, Ashley has been teaching Vinyasa, Slow Flow, and Yin.  Although she loves Vinyasa and Power Yoga for her personal practice, she has discovered that teaching Yin is her favorite!  There is something special about teaching students to cultivate and connect with their own breath so that they can take that knowledge and use it to get through those uncomfortable, difficult, and anxious moments in their real lives .  Ashley continues to learn and grow as a teacher, by attending trainings that focus on developing additional skills in adjustment and Yin.  She is always ready to learn more, to develop her own practice, to increase her yoga knowledge, and to share that information with her students. 

Ashley knows from personal experience that yoga can be for everybody!  Having struggled through several injuries herself, she has still figured out unique ways to continue her own yoga practice and knows that it is possible for everyone to adjust and succeed.  As long as you show up to your mat consistently and meet your body where it is on that day, anyone can be successful at yoga.  Ashley encourages her students to focus on the breath, be kind to their bodies, and give themselves room to grow.

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