START Survey

1. Why did you decide to join Sparks After School Adventures Program?

2. What would you like to "be" when you grow up?

3. What things  do you need to know in order to make that happen?

4. Do you think that you may need to learn how to be calm at school, at home, and with friends? 

5. Our Sparks Program will Teach you skills through all of our adventures! What hobbies do you have? (what do you like to do for fun?)

6. What is your favorite cartoon character?

7. Do you play a sport, if so, which one?

8. Do you want to get physically strong? Flexible?

9. What do you think you are good at?

10. How do you help others?

11. Which Non-Profit, (community project), would you like to take part in order to help others?