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the sky

With changing seasons and so many unknowns in our future, we can focus on what is constant: another summer winding down, heat beginning to soften, stars that remain in the sky. We can count on new comets to appear, the glow of a super moon, and even the uncertainty of the future. During our time of change, let’s illuminate the sky with a constant that we can depend on. 

One that heals and loves:



Ready for a life change?  Been trying to figure out how to make use of this time to build or create a new career?  Want to help people?  We have the training for you!  Our program has been tested over many years with highly reputable teachers who have made this their full time gig!  If you feel led to help people with mental health issues or get healthy or just deepen your own journey, this is the place for you!  Join an inspiring journey who is dedicated to ensure you grow!



September 18, 2020


FALL 2020

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August 28, 2020

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Strengthen your hobbies & inner development

Don’t let closures get you down!  We are here to help ease the mental chatter with nurturing, experienced, and reputable teachers!  Join a community here to serve and help you grow no matter what the external world looks like.  Give yourself a season to grow and nurture into a healthier and stronger person!

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Have you noticed that the current climate has drastically changed your workplace environment? 

ORGANIZATIONAL WELLNESS/MINDFULNESS in the modern workplace is increasingly important in our hyper-connected world. Mindfulness programs have been proven to deliver results including:

  • Decreased stress, anxiety, depression

  • Decreased health care premiums

  • Reduced staff turnover

  • Reduced employee absenteeism

  • Higher job satisfaction

  • Successful recruiting tactic for higher quality employees

  • Increased productivity, energy, memory, focus, concentration, and overall health


Begin a partnership with Ignite Yoga, and watch the environment evolve into a space of higher productivity and well-being. 

Welcome to the world of Fire Sky™, where Spark Adventurers blaze the trails in a whole new world of yoga, mystery, discovery, and tribal community building. Like superheroes, our emotional sparks guide youngster’s to develop their Jedi mind superhero powers; fighting for equality and making their communities a better place. Don’t miss the epic thrills of dangerous twists and turns into mythology of dragons, fairy fantasy writing, magic tricks and more.  


Parents can take comfort in Ignite’s trusted name to ensure their children engage in STEAM activities to develop critical thinking, self esteem, higher grades, leadership skills, health & fitness, and more. We have award winning programs with advanced certified teachers. We partner with school districts and training programs that encompass the “whole child.”


Ages 6-11: 4 or 8 week online program

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choose your own adventure:

Ninja mindfulness sessions

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choose your own adventure:

Ninja mindfulness sessions

Watch what happens virtually when Spark Adventurers ignite into full blown flames through Ashtanga movement w/ our in-house ashtangi, Suzanne Thompson. The creator of the Sparks, Ruben, will paint a mural of flames in yogic movement.  All proceeds benefit our Title I schools Spark Adventurer Program.

If you tune in, get a sneak peak into the first episode of Spark Adventurers and learn from our kids teacher Mandi Lutha about how to socially distance your children, while creating an environment that develops their social muscles. 


AUGUST 30th @ 12PM
Class Packages

Members who stay with us through studio re-opening will receive a FREE month of membership plus a workshop of your choice, once we re-open. We love you! Thank you for your support!

 Online Classes

Seeking a new perspective? Did you know that our online academy also offers philosophy classes? These Yoga Talks are free to members and a part of our $20 monthly subscription! 







Whether you are practicing online, at home, or building your yogi following like us, we want to help manifest.  Want cute products that have been made with love and inspiration?  We choose products that are creatively made, USA made, local, or support homes of those abroad. Fire Sky™ Boutique supports everyday people like you and I who work hard to reach their dreams and make this world a better place!  High five for supporting local artisans branching out to strut their stuff and artisans abroad!  


10% of profits supports Ignite Yoga Foundation, Title I schools, de-stressing techniques for children in hospitals, first responders, school teachers, and military! We also offer scholarships for military to reach their dreams!